Guest Blogs: Writing Like A Caveman and Author Marketing Ideas for Local Promotion

Writing Like a Caveman

Primitive handprint on cave wall with text: Should We Write Like a Caveman?

Jami Gold says, “When we first start writing, we often learn lots of new “rules,” which can narrow our focus onto writing craft so much that we lose sight of storytelling. How can we regain that storytelling mindset?”

This post took a lot of research and thinking and is an ongoing project of mine. If you have any thoughts, please post them on this article on Jami Gold’s site.

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Author Marketing: Insights and Ideas for Local Promotion — Guest: Elizabeth Randolph

View of a store-filled alley with text: Marketing Locally: Ideas & Tips

Jami Gold says: “We often hear advice about online marketing, but we shouldn’t forget local opportunities. Elizabeth Randolph is here to give her unvarnished look at a few local promotion options—what worked, what didn’t, and what she wants to try in the future.”

Check it out on Jami Gold’s site. Contribute your ideas.

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