About Me

Most days you can find me pounding out a few pages on my computer and hoping for sun so my solar array will pour amps into my electrical system’s batteries.

If you want me to call you on my cell phone to tell you about it, I have to leave a bunch of energetic and affectionate cats and hike three hundred feet to the top of the mountain. But, I won’t really mind as the spectacular view of the surrounding mountains of Southwest New Mexico is worth the climb.

You may wonder with all the outdoor activities available around me why I hunch over a computer in my yurt writing a couple hours a day. To be honest, I have fun.

Maybe, too much fun.

My background should have prepared me for something serious. I studied history and hold a college degree in the subject. More to the point, I took mostly military and diplomatic history classes.

Instead, as the sun sets with bright salmon hues streaking across a turquoise sky, I invite you to a meal of imagination..

Bon appetit.

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