Summer is for Reading: A Very Good Selection of Free Books and Kindle Unlimited Offerings

Because this is my newsletter, I offer something from my writing each time. Some of you downloaded Retrograde from the last newsletter. So, today, I offer two days free for Ore Pirates, the second book in the series. (The books in this series are standalones, but this is the second one I wrote. I have one overarching character arc for the series. Kate wants to find a place to belong.) Ore Pirates will be free June 1 and 2.

In addition, check out these good books I have been reading. The top featured book is Kindle Unlimited so for anyone with that subscription can read it for free. The other featured books are all FREE!!

Also, don’t miss out on the several bulk book promotions I’ve included with lots of books listed. The top three promos are Kindle Unlimited. The bottom three promos are giveaways. Then, because many of you are parents, I have a caboose promotion of free illustrated children’s books.
The summer has been scorching hot already, and we are not even to the official start of summer. New Mexico is battling the state’s worst wildfire ever. It was started as a planned burn. Yikes, didn’t someone consult the weather first? Fortunately for me, it is burning to the east and north of Silver City, NM. I live in a heavily forested mountain area. The idea of a fire is enough to make me break out in a sweat. I don’t even have enough carriers for all my cats if I have to evacuate. Yeah, serious stuff. Maybe I’ll lose myself in one of the free books in this newsletter.
She saved one planet. Now another world wants her services. If she can’t get them to give up their piracy, will she be forced to walk the airlock?
Success on a grubby mining planet full of injustices and inequalities brings a Federation diplomat to the attention of pirates, who kidnap her to work a similar miracle on their planet. But this time, she has a jailor who thwarts her every move. Worse, if she fails, “Beloved Leader” will deliver a cruel death.
To enter this spine-tingling, strange world of lies and double-speak, get the book.

A newbie pilot with a secret, broken comms, alien artifact, viral code, empty space. What can go wrong?

Jax, a freshly minted spaceship pilot had a simple job: taking a group of sick people to Rebels’ Republic space station to have their brain implants fixed while keeping her secret – secret. She had a smart plan to get it done: just some tweaking of the comms to make it look like an accident.

But her ship had some surprises aboard: two healthy passengers, who weren’t who they claimed to be, a real emergency, and a piece of virally spreading rogue code. Then… came some more problems…

Can a loner learn teamwork to survive and save the solar system from collapse?
Siouca is a member of the advanced Wanderer civilisation. What does Siouca want? The quest to unlock the secrets of interstellar travel leads a Roranian crew on an epic journey across space. Saved by a dying machine-lect, stranded in a failing ship, faced with an ultimate choice. Were they too eager in their attempts to reach the stars? The fractious Primals are the ancient, all-powerful rulers of the Creatites. Their origins are shrouded in mystery although Storytellers recite their legends.

Tallic has recently been granted special abilities by the Barrier Primal that most other Creatites could only dream of, although he has an unexpected encounter with an intruder that changes everything. What secrets have the Primals kept hidden since time began?

Nurilm resides within a decaying temple. One day, she chances upon forbidden knowledge about an enigmatic entity called the ‘Collector’, and an unthinkable battle waged long ago in which the Primals were united. What does it all mean? And how is it all connected? One thing is for certain. Siouca is coming. A STANDALONE NOVEL

FROM THE WANDERER UNIVERSE. Cerebral Sci-Fi with an emphasis on the ‘Sci’. If you enjoy Hard Sci-Fi, complex Space Opera, and authors such as Iain M. Banks, Alastair Reynolds and Dan Simmons, then this is for you.
Jim Able wakes up in hospital in Ch’Garratt beset with bloody memories. Someone has tried to kill him; he knows who but not why. His colleagues know Jim is in danger, but what protection can they offer against an adversary so callous he would destroy a spaceport terminal trying to kill one man?

This prequel episode takes you from Jim’s troubles in Ch’Garratt to the start of Episode #1 ABLE. Formatted in episodes that are an easy read—the equivalent of four or five chapters—the adventures will take Jim, and you, on quite a ride. Two complete story lines, on Kindle, span episodes #1 thru #4 and #5 thru #9. In print, look for Beauty Rising and Larc Ascending.

In these episodes, Jim uses his wit and skills with alien technology to save the day and sometimes clear up his messy mistakes. He has help from an unexpected friend in the form of the chameleon, Tella. The series is a witty and, in parts philosophical, exploration of other worlds and other cultures, seen from Jim’s perspective. Unlike Star Trek, the people here use money and go to the bathroom. Unlike Star Wars, evil comes less from general imperial menace and more from personal motives.
Baldwin Tavares is called up by the Admiral Pitch to join in their expedition to the planet Allende 1-b, also known as Neighbor. Baldwin and his team were requested for their very specific skill set, as they are the best in their individual fields. Eager to be part of something bigger than himself, Baldwin, aka Win, convinces his team to go on the expedition. They aim to find some remnants left behind of the once inhabited planet Neighbor in the hopes of studying and preserving whatever knowledge about them that they find.

Win begins to realize the expedition to Allende 1-B is not entirely scientific. He suspects the Pacific Ocean World Mining Organization, or POMO, have sunk deep into the pockets of the ship’s commanding officers, with the hopes of mining Allende 1-B for its rich mineral reserves as soon as they arrive. As such he immediately starts investigating the ship to confirm his suspicions. When Win finds out he was right, he races to convince the crew against any mining expeditions before it’s too late. However, little does he know something even more pressing will require his attention before he even gets the chance to tell anyone.
When man reached for the stars, their minds couldn’t take it When Hogon, member of the alien Wa’bah’nja’kae, cleanses a station worker’s mind, he learns that a murder is about to be committed at the Solarian League Peace Conference. He can’t tell the authorities as no Human knows the truth about his people. Hogon’s best friend is assassinated and he is framed for it. How can Hogon stop the murder of the Emerlee delegate, clear himself of his buddy’s death, and find the assassin preventing a resumption of hostilities between Emerlee and the Solarians.


Free Books For Fun

I have my book, Retrograde for free today and tomorrow for anyone who would like to get their toes wet before tackling the complete Federation Diplomat series.

The cold steel of the assassin’s blade bites into her neck, and Kate Stevens, Federation diplomat, freezes. She has cured the king. Is that the problem? Or, does the knife-wielder have something against the Federation? She needs allies and she needs them fast. Coups plots are springing up like mushrooms after a rain, and the lord chancellor wants her out of the way or dead.
If you like tales that delve into political machinations and social unrest, stay up late with this story of intrigue and betrayal.

Some writing news. I am just about finished with Denizens of the Deep, the first book in a new series, A Pilot’s Misadventures. The first chapter is available in Stunning Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories.… ( The characters intrigued me. I wrote one episode after the other and realized I had a book on my hands. I have to get it to my writing group and new beta readers. Then, I will publish it in Kindle Unlimited.

-I present a few books from fellow writers that look interesting and are either free or in Kindle Unlimited.

-And, ta da, I have a giveaway promotion and a Kindle Unlimited Promotion.


Providing aid becomes a fight for survival.

When Imara lands on Abira with the rest of her company, things don’t feel right. And it’s not just the constant, falling snow. Bhisho’s townsfolk are nervous. This makes the Hospitallers wary.

Then, thieves come in the night.

But the thieves aren’t just thieves, they’re citizens of Grabouw, the other town in the valley. The Hospitallers learn that the people of Grabouw are starving, too. Imara and her team are charged with escorting supplies, through the snow, to the other town.

The welcome here is even more chilling.
Imara is certain more is going on than just a shortage of food supplies. A passed note confirms her suspicions. Now, Imara not only has to get her team safely back to Bhisho, but she also needs to report the truth, even if it costs her teams’ lives.

Midwinter on Bhisho is the first story in the Seasons of War on Abira series. Follow Sgt Imara Fermo as she not only deals with her own demons but also struggles to understand the layers of deceptions that drive the civil war on Abira.

Get the book. Get reading. The adventure awaits!


Terra protects? For the people Zona Nox, Terra is a myth. For James Terrin, the Shadow of Galis, it is just something the tinmen say. Terra doesn’t protect. Blood and steel does. For as long as he can remember, James has only cared about all the loot he can steal for his gang and his family. But as his planet faces annihilation, the stakes rise. Brutal aliens have invaded Zona Nox. Millions of people dead already, the planet is left with one choice. Fight till the last man. James finds himself at the center of the war for his planet and home. Forced into the Trooper Order, his battle for survival becomes a battle for something greater. The fate of a planet. The fate of his home. The fate of Zona Nox. Fall of Zona Nox is the first novel in the epic and bloodthirsty Warpmancer Saga, a gritty space opera set in the 36th century. This is a must read for fans of Warhammer 40k, Star Wars and Galaxy’s Edge.


If you enjoyed reading The Hobbit, Alice In Wonderland or even Watership Downs, you might just love this purely fanciful anthropomorphic fantasy.

Journey To Osm – The Blue Unicorn’s Tale by Sybrina Durant is an enchanting escapade about a metal-horned tribe of space-faring unicorns stranded a universe away from their home world of Unimaise. It is full of magic and adventure with walloping dashes of pseudosciencey stuff sprinkled throughout. It also offers a thought-provoking look into love and war amongst the other denizens of MarBryn. . .including Magh, the sorcerer who wants to kill all unicorns.

For full immersion into this incredible unicorn venture, read the book for free through KU. 



Free Short Story, Kindle-Vella, plus Book Giveaways and Bargains


She’s a spy. He’s the king’s assassin. Can she escape the hangman’s noose?

When the Federation needs an extra hand, they call Tvella off her normal mission detecting aliens. Her secret psychic abilities have saved her life many times, and this mission to find illegal gun shipments is so harrowing, she must dig deep inside again.

The assassin must find the spy from Central before she reveals the locations of the illegal weapons he worked hard to smuggle for his king.

Can Tvella accomplish her mission before the assassin hunts her down?

I am in the process of getting this book permafree. It is FREE on Smashwords at:

And on this website at:

I started another Psy Corps story on Amazon’s new platform Kindle-Vella. You might want to check it out. The first three episodes are free. After that, you only pay for an episode at a time. 

I need to have some readers check out my first episode and give it a thumbs-up. As I understand it, Amazon won’t even show the next episode without the previous one getting a thumbs-up.


Please go to this link:…

Alternatively, you can go to Amazon, go to Kindle-Vella, select science fiction, click on aliens. Be sure to click on see all aliens. In a few pages, you will find Aliens Take New Norway.

Be sure to click on follow the story.

Thank you.

It will be interesting to see how this platform works out.


My road washed out. A grader is working on it today. Boulders and rocks are all jumbled together where the road should be.

The price one pays for living way out of town where the air is clear and one is surrounded by mountains and trees.

Three books you might want to consider followed by book promotions

The cover for The Axe (sample available) is mighty scary. Stellar Fusion looks intriguing. And Falcon’s Call appears just so sci-fi.

Free SCI-FI eBook Today -Spiders & Spice by E J Randolph

Reviewers say:

*loads of danger, humor, and charm
*jammed packed with adventure and life or death situations
*fun and engaging
*diplomacy with humor
*story left me with something to think about
*Paced just right, lots of humor interspersed with serious events.

Check it out at

If Kate thinks fast and breaks a few rules, she might live.

A rogue military will crush a peaceful alien planet.

Can Federation diplomat Kate Stevens prevent the war?

She speeds across the galaxy to forge a defense alliance. But it’s impossible. The aliens forbid discussion of violence.

They’re doomed.

So is Kate unless she can turn the tables.

But how?

Without the Navy to support her, she must rely upon subterfuge and guts. It’s risky but her only chance against the marauder’s far superior numbers. She must gamble with the lives of herself and her spaceship crew.

If she fails, she’ll end in an unmarked grave.

If she succeeds, she must craft the peace under the continued threat of war.

Will she survive?

If you like characters with heart and grit, you’ll love this standalone space opera where a diplomat risks life and career to bring about peace in a deadly clash of worlds.