Deep Down and Dirty Writing Secrets: A Treasure Trove of Writing Tips

Writing advice that gets you started and keeps you going.

Wouldn’t you love to have authors reveal the secrets of their successes to you? You get that in this collection of essays, many by award-winning authors, and all of them fine practitioners of the craft. Their insights provide you with tools, tips, and encouragement for your own writing.

From our editorial reviews: “…splendid line-up of writers” and “from creating to editing, this book is an essential…


  1. Using Internal and external dialogue
  2. Laying out the heroine’s journey
  3. Learning about editing
  4. Writing a series
  5. Connecting with Deep POV
  6. Getting Started
  7. Building a world Incorporating the spiritual


  1. Writing for the internet
  2. Constructing the memoir
  3. Wielding the mighty question
  4. Using oppression to fuel creativity

This book is special. Other advice books focus on one topic. We cover multiple topics, many with the depth and breadth you normally find in stand-alone works. All incorporate the experience that will help you bridge the gap between theory and actual practice. They include references that widen the scope of the information. Sharpen your pencils, open your computers, or start your voice recorders because within these pages, you’ll find the kind of advice and encouragement you need.

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Catalina Claussen, Alethea Eason, Chris Lemme, Kris Neri, E J Randolph, Kate Rauner, Eve West Bessier, Luanne Brooten, Sharleen Daugherty, John Maberry, Sharon Mijares, and Joni Kay Rose.

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