Retrograde: Some Principles Are Timeless

The cold steel of the assassin’s blade bites into her neck, and Kate Stevens, Federation diplomat, freezes. She has cured the king. Is that the problem? Or, does the knife wielder have something against the Federation? She needs allies and she needs them fast. Coups plots are springing up like mushrooms after a rain, and the lord chancellor wants her out of the way or dead. Illustrations.

If you like space opera with social and political themes, you’ll enjoy the Federation Diplomat series where the fate of planets rests upon the wit of a diplomat and her resourceful and sometimes buccaneering team. This is the first book, but each story stands on its own and occurs on a different planet with new problems to solve.

“The universe encompassed in Retrograde is a captivating one and worth taking the time to explore.” -Desert Exposure (regional arts magazine)

“Randolph…constructs fantastically different yet eerily familiar worlds.” -Silver City Independent (Weekly arts and events edition)

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Retrograde is available as both an ebook and a paperback.

Editorial Reviews

‘Retrograde’ Local author turns out intriguing science fiction
     LAS CRUCES/SILVER CITY–Kate Stevens’ mission was simple enough: venture to the far-off planet of Buda Praha, which cut all contact with outside planets 20-years prior, and reestablish an embassy within.
     Piece of cake.
     Things take a turn for the worst, however, when Kate arrives and learns the king of Buda Praha has been poisoned. Now Kate finds herself entangled in the thick of a brewing rebellion against the monarchy, complicating her mission further and slimming her chances of making it out alive.
     Author E.J. Randolph has a real knack for capturing the reader’s attention and maintaining her hold, keeping the story from dragging. There is an effortless flow to her prose, making for a pleasurable reading experience.
     Randolph also successfully plays with the conventions typically associated with the sci-fi genre; Buda Praha–while it has its share of dystopia-like qualities–is unlike any other dystopia before it. Instead of sprawling skyscrapers and futuristic tech, there’s a small village and archaic tools and weapons.
     The universe encompassed in “Regrograde” truly is a captivating one and worth taking the time to explore.
On The Shelf Adam Palomino, Desert Exposure, April 2017 Pg. 46 (regional monthly arts magazine) (Review was for the paperback version.)
“Five hundred years from now on a planet with a name as Hungarian as goulash, societal revolutions and court revolts are brewing. The king is being poisoned, not with your ordinary arsenic, but a stylish neurotoxin….Randolph . . . construct(s) fantastically different, yet eerily familiar worlds.”
–Tom Hester for The Silver City Daily Press Independent, April 20-26, 2017, Vol CXVII, No. 251, Page 4 (weekly arts and events edition) (Review was for the paperback version.)


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