No Charity

Finalist in the Arizona-New Mexico Co-op 2019 Book Awards

The dark stain spreads across the prone woman’s chest, profane violence from a distant planet reaching its long bloody fingers into the sacrosanct Grand Council chambers.

The bemedaled general drops his gun. He won’t pay for his crime. He’s got diplomatic immunity.

But why wasn’t diplomatic headquarters notified about the growing insurgency on Hard Scrabble? Is there a spy in the embassy?

Kate Steven’s boss needs someone there yesterday. She’s available. She’s adaptable. And she will bend the rules in order to accomplish her mission. That’s what he needs right now.

But she’s a diplomat. How is she supposed to stop a war? Some things are just not possible. And she could die in the attempt.

The books in the Federation Diplomat series can be read in any order. Each book is self-contained and occurs on a different planet with new problems to solve. This is Kate’s fifth assignment.

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