The Ambassador Calls Twice Bonus Material

Epilogue for The Ambassador Calls Twice Book 2

A big head loomed down. Two slanted eyes peered at me. A hand pressed me to the table. 

I hurled silent screams at the dark figure. Go away! Get out of my head! I hate you!

I woke shaking, sweat streaming off my body.

My unfocused eyes searched the darkness. A tiny light gleamed at the hatch, and I relaxed. I was on Miss A. The aliens couldn’t get on a Federation courier ship in flicker space. We were headed home. On Central Island, headquarters had the resources to repel the three alien ships hunting me should they ever invade human space again. I rubbed my face.

I was so ready for a long vacation. I told the crew we’d stay together, but that decision was a close-run thing. They’d saved my life and I owed them something. But the diplomatic service? It had given me a job when I was tossed off Old Earth, but no job was worth what I just went through.

I couldn’t leave the guys though. They’d become family.

~ ~ ~

The next morning we neared the planet Harmony and took our places around the console in the control room. John brought Miss A out of flicker space, and Ricardo guided her to Central Island and into Hangar 18.

John turned to us. “We made it home again. Normally, we go our separate ways.” He gave me a level look.

Yeah, I was the only one that always took off right away.

This time I suggest a celebration.”

I shook my head. “I just want to get out of here.”

Dan bestowed one of his best bedside-manner looks on me. “I think you need to reconnect with your friends and neighbors. We aren’t the only people who like you and care about you.”

I squinted at him. “You’re the only friends that matter.”

He gave me a gentle smile. “And that’s why I’m the one to make this suggestion.”

Ricardo threw me a thumbs-up. “It’ll be fun. Get back in the swing of things. See if there are any unattached and attractive young ladies around.”

Dan waggled his eyebrows.

I raised my hands in surrender. “Oh, alright. I won’t be a party pooper.”

~ ~ ~

Around midnight two spaceport guards strode through the noisy crowd extending onto the tarmac outside Hangar 18. They entered and glared around. The taller guard raised his wrist communicator to his mouth.

Uh-oh! I punched up two exotic beers from our new beer fabricator and surged through the revelers. I thrust one into the taller guard’s unoccupied hand. “Try this. A thirteenth century Hungarian brew.”

He glanced at the glass and raised his communicator to his mouth. “We might have this situation under control. Get back to you if we need assistance.”

The other guard tapped her nightstick on her leg. “We’re on duty.”

I waved an airy hand. “We just saved humanity from the alien mind suckers. Have a beer.”

I heard about that.” She squinted. “You the crew got rid of the aliens?”

I nodded.

Here’s to saving humanity.” She grabbed a glass and took a big swallow.

Those beers have a real kick, but we have others you can try.” I spread my arms. “We have every beer ever made. Come and try a green Norwegian beer.”

They followed me to our premium beer fabricator, and she tilted her head to the side. “Got any Old Earth Australian beers?”

Sure do.”

~ ~ ~

Hours later the first golden rays from the sun struck the external hangar walls. I dashed outside. The sun bathed my body, warming it, and something dark inside loosened. A couple tears rolled down my cheeks, and I raised my glass. “To life and friends.”

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