The Ambassador Calls Twice


   Kate must break through a communication barrier and convince a group of psychics and meditators to deliver her message to telepathic, mind-sucking aliens — or all humans will be walking around with parasites topping their brain stems


A predatory gleam enters the Federation ambassador’s eyes, and diplomat Kate Stevens’ stomach falls. She’s on vacation! She’s got a new boyfriend! Doesn’t matter. He assigns her a development client. She learns the bureaucracy is steamrolling over her charges and has to help them, even if it means turning the program upside-down, even if it means losing her career.


The alien spaceship hovers meters in front of the Federation embassy space shuttle, implacable in its silence. A hatch on its side slides open.

Kate turns to the shuttle pilot. “That’s an invitation Take it.”
He snorts. “What if its a trap?”
“I’m sure it is. Fly her in. We’re dead anyway.”

The books introduce simple farmers, ambassadors, psychics, telepathic aliens, a strong female diplomat, a ship’s AI, a party planet, and a spiritual retreat of meditators.

If you like space opera with social and political themes, you’ll enjoy the Federation Diplomat series where the fate of planets rests upon the wit of a diplomat and her resourceful and sometimes buccaneering team. This is the fourth book, but each story stands on its own and occurs on a different planet with new problems to solve.

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